The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 19 | Introducing Chris Kelley, Bolasterone, AAS Use at a Young Age, Tyrosol, AAS vs. SARMs

In this episode, I was joined by my new co-host, Chris Kelley. Chris is my training partner and we work together at TGB Supplements. In today’s show, we covered how he got started, where he wants to go, and what he’s doing supplement-wise. We also talked about performance-enhancing drugs and Bulasterone. In addition, we also answered some questions e-mailed by our listeners.


  • When Chris started lifting weights
  • On his training
  • What he’s taking supplement-wise
  • On his diet
  • What his goals are
  • His thoughts on steroids
  • What he’s doing in school right now
  • On the incident that happened in Minneapolis
  • His goals training-wise next year
  • How Trevor started lifting
  • When Trevor started using anabolics
  • Trevor’s favourite cycle when taking anabolics
  • His advice to young people who are taking anabolics
  • Answering questions from listeners
  • What Bulasterone is
  • Difference between Iron Forged Gym and other gyms
  • Future guests lined up


Be sure to stop by TGB Supplements and the Iron Forged Gym if you are in the Uniontown, PA area.

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