The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 18 | William Tedesco, Covid-19 update and Bodybuilding BS

In this episode, I talked to my training partner, Bill Tedesco. We covered a lot of topics including training, blood work, anabolics, performance-enhancing drugs, and peptides. We also talked about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I hope you’ll join us!


  • How he started training
  • Time he started experimenting with performance enhancers
  • Different types of anabolics
  • How much he spends on health supplements
  • On his blood work
  • His thoughts on the coronavirus pandemic
  • His take on cardio
  • What Hydroxychloroquine is for
  • Why you need a coach if you want to be a bodybuilder
  • His advice for women who want to get in shape
  • What training with his wife looks like
  • Changes brought about by the pandemic
  • Differences in the forums between then and now
  • Why insulin is somewhat dangerous
  • On his nutrition
  • On his training
  • The peptides he likes
  • His experience with steroids and the side effects he noticed


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