In today’s episode, we have Jason Arntz. Jason is not only a big name in the professional bodybuilding circuit but also in the supplementary industry. His passion for formulating supplements arose when he started his bodybuilding career at a young age.

In this episode, we talked about important facts, practices, diets and tips that everyone should know about and can benefit from.


  • The new pre-workout supplement flavours
  • The right ingredients that should be mixed in supplements
  • New forms of supplements
  • On the transparency issue
  • Beginning of the marketing battle
  • How he started his journey in the industry
  • The people he wants to represent his company
  • His new product
  • The people in his life
  • His first company
  • Jason’s international line
  • The effects of coronavirus to his business
  • His future trips
  • How he influenced his family through his lifestyle
  • His tips when joining a competition
  • How he prepares for a show
  • What creatine is
  • What diuretic is

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