The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 16 | Rick Wilson Lyme Disease, Healing Peptides, Alternative treatments and supplementation options to help your body fight back

In this episode, we got Rick Wilson back in the show. This is his second time on the podcast. He was the the guest on episode 10 of the show. Rick found out that he has lyme disease and he’s been experiencing a lot of ups and downs.

In this episode, we talked about lyme disease, how one can get it, and the different ways it can be treated.


  • When he got lyme disease
  • The first thing he did when he found out he had lyme disease
  • The diet he follows
  • On doing testosterone replacement therapy
  • Other diets that are beneficial
  • On his meditation
  • Other treatments he has tried
  • The benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD)
  • Other peptides he uses
  • Benefits of BPC-157
  • Effects and benefits of metformin
  • Other vitamins and minerals he’s taking
  • The stages of lyme disease
  • On finding somebody willing to help


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