The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 15 | Jared Hovatter and Madison Eichstadt

In this episode, we have two guests on the show, Jared Hovatter and Madison Eichstadt.

Jared is a bodybuilder who owns 2 gyms, The Flex Fitness in Morgantown, WV and 3 Guys Fitness in Masontown, WV. Madison is a nationally competitive powerlifter. She is currently in school to become a primary care physician.


  • Who Madison is and what she’s currently doing
  • On Jared’s bodybuilding competition
  • On Madison’s training
  • Her thoughts on women who are afraid of lifting heavy weights
  • Her favourite lift
  • Type of water cut program she follows
  • Why she wants to be a physician
  • Her thoughts on birth control for women
  • Her toughest lift
  • Which class she typically competes in
  • Her thoughts on women using steroids
  • Jared’s thoughts on men forcing their women to take steroids
  • ACE Inhibitors vs. ARBs
  • What Norvasc is and it’s side effects
  • Cardio exercise Jared likes to do before a competition
  • Jared’s thoughts on using growth hormone to get lean
  • Why you need to monitor your body when taking steroids
  • What Madison does to help keep an eye on her health
  • How training affects women during their cycle
  • On estrogen and progesterone
  • How Jared set up his gym
  • On having a doctor who’s willing to understand and help


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