The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 20 | With World Re-nowned Pro Archer Levi Morgan

Today’s special guest is Levi Morgan. Levi is a professional archer and is considered by many as the Michael Jordan of archery. In this episode, we talked about fitness and how it relates to his sport, mental toughness, and his training. You’ll be able to get to know Levi a bit more in this episode, so don’t miss it!


  • Levi’s background and how he got into archery
  • His biggest sponsor since then
  • Difficult times that made him want to quit
  • Why archery is his passion
  • What makes him happy
  • How his TV show came about
  • His upcoming events
  • How he met his wife
  • How his dad made him mentally tough
  • Difference between hunting and competition shooting
  • Performance enhancers he’s taking
  • On his hunting
  • When he started working out
  • Why he loves Iron Forged Gym
  • On their kids
  • Advantages of working out
  • On his sponsors
  • On being a good dad


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