The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 28 | 2021 NPC North American, Recent Deaths in Bodybuilding, Life

In this episode, Trevor talks about his preparations for the 2021 NPC Pittsburgh and what compounds were used leading to the 2021 NPC North American.

Stick around to learn what anabolics he takes in moderation to help him push his limit. He also talks about recent deaths in bodybuilding.



  • Why Trevor hasn’t done a podcast lately 
  • On an influential time in his life
  • What lead him to start TGB Supplements
  • How his prep went
  • Why he follows John Meadows’ program
  • On pushing his body to the limit and using haters as fuel and motivation
  • About some bodybuilding mentors and coaches who died young
  • How to train without always lifting heavy weights
  • What causes depression and anxiety
  • How Trevor stabilized after the show and trained for the next one
  • What they’re working on at Iron Forged Nutrition



The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Ep 5 John Meadows:


Keeps (hair loss prevention):


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