Member Rules

Member Rules

This is an informational board on the subject of anabolic steroids and associated topics. Please read the board rules and abide by them. The intent of this board is for the enjoyment of all. Please use respect when posting and be aware of your personal information safety.

Take some time and visit the various forums to familiarize yourself with the correct area to post in.  Say hello in the new members section and be welcomed by some of our members. Feel free to ask question as you move through the forums and you will be treated with the same courtesy that you use.

Members may not push for a certain brand if you are not a “rep”. You may give your opinion about a product/brand/sponsor, but no behind the scene work between you and a brand/sponsor if you’re associated with them let it be known.

Members must not defile a brand because of an issue or interaction. You may solely give your opinion. That’s all the further it can go. Keep it to pm/email if you have a personal issue. Don’t ruin threads for other members. We are all about openness and honesty here with the Anabolic Cartel, but within reason and when there is a valid reason.

Members must not promote sales of their own products or for their own personal well-being.

While we are very open here let’s keep some things to a minimum. No mention of pricing or sourcing shall be mentioned anywhere on the forum.

Inappropriate language, insulting other members, irrelevant personal attacks, trolling, discussing illegal activity and racism.

Users that take advantage of our openness and freedom WILL BE BANNED.

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