Anabolic Cartel Membership Costs/Benefits

Cartel Membership Costs/Benefits

There will be 2 different levels of membership on the Anabolic Cartel Forum.   There will be a free membership which will require registration and will give access to the basic sections of the forum.   You will be able to interact with members via posts but no private messages other than to mods or the admin These members will be called associates.  They can listen to the first or second podcast for free but that’s it.

The First paid membership will be Cartel Status and will cost $9.99/month or can be paid in 6 month or 1 year memberships  priced at $49.99 (6 month) or $80 per year.   Cartel level will give you a special nickname designated for how much you post on the forum.  We are going to out Anabolic Cartel t-shirts for each membership status earned.  These shirts must be earned and will not be sold with the status level on them. The only shirts that will be sold will be the basic Anabolic Cartel t-shirt available through or The Cartel breakdown will be as follows:

The basic structure of a drug cartel is as follows:

Associates are non paid members and the lowest on the board.  They can’t rep or private message, but they can post in some sections of the forum just not all of them.  They must be registered.  They are not members of the Anabolic Cartel family statuses.

  • Falcons (Spanish: Halcones): Considered the “eyes and ears” of the streets, the “falcons” are the lowest rank in the anabolic cartel. They are responsible for supervising and reporting to the mods.  Keeping the forum a secure and drama free place.
  • (500 posts or more) Fitmen (Spanish: Sicarios): A more respected group in the anabolic Cartel .  Their word carries more weight than a falcon.  They have paid their dues and are working their way up in the board.   Respectable presence.  These guys help with keeping mods current with what is going on throughout the forum including negative content or issues between members.   Help keeping the board running smoothly and helping out other members.
  • (1500 posts or more)Lieutenants – The second highest position in the Anabolic Cartel organization, responsible for supervising the fitmen and falcons within their own territory.  We may designate Lieutenants to certain sections in which they post the most.  This way they know they are posting and know what is going on in that area of the forum.   Lieutenants section included on forum for members of 1500 posts or more only.
  • (3000 posts or more)Anabolic Lords (Spanish: Capos): The highest position in the Anabolic cartel, responsible for supervising the entire board.  These members carry some of the same responsibilities of mods, they have their own section where they can meet and discuss board matters or help elect new moderators or even banish members who are causing problems.  These guys should work hand in hand with the mods to keep the board running smoothly.  These guys can also help come up with questions for the guests we will have on the show.  Finding out what others members would like to hear talked about the most and letting the board leaders know so we can talk about it on the podcast.   Anabolic Lords section for 3000+ posts only.   Anabolic Lords should want to give back by helping others out and answering questions.  Trying to encourage others to be healthy and stay focused on their goals. Motivators to those coming up.

***There will be moderators who will be appointed by the owner/ Admin of the board.   They will be responsible to keep the board running correctly and monitoring for spammers, drama, haters, and so on.  These guys will have a special section just for moderators only to discuss what is going on throughout the forum.   This group will keep the admin up on what is happening on a daily basis and deal with sponsors and their occasional issues.

Cartel status will include some perks: 

-Access to podcast episodes at no extra cost.  As well as the ability to ask questions to guests we will have on the show.

– A 5-10% discount from sponsors on the board.

– 50% off US Domestic shipping from TGB Supplements

–  A FREE Anabolic Cartel Shirt at month 6 if you are on a monthly membership or if you bought a year or 6 month membership up front. A t-shirt will be sent out immediately.    ****There are no refunds for memberships

–   The ability to  earn different levels of status which will include t-shirts for each status level.

  • Sample box of supplements, t-shirts, stickers, and other goodies from sponsors of the forum. This gets sent out once every 6 months for each paid member.


Associates are non paid members and the lowest on the board.  They can’t rep or private message, but they can post in some sections of the forum just not all of them.  They must be registered.  They are not members of the Cartel family.

ALL MEMBERS WHO ARE NOT ON PAID SUBSCRIPTION – Associates are not actual members of the Anabolic Cartel, but are people involved with the Forum as an acting unpaid member. The Cartel works with them, but they are not included in all of the activities or services.  They can post on the forum, but they do not get any perks.  They also do not have the ability to send private messages to anyone other than the admin, or moderators.


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