The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 24 | Gym pet peeves, Virus, Olympia, Contest prep cycle

In this episode, Trevor and Chris talk about some pet peeves that they had in the gym and the state of gyms at the time of the Pandemic. They also talk about the Olympia placings, cookie-cutter contest prep cycles, and about a lot of coaches nowadays and what they would use differently to go into a show cycle-wise and why they prefer to do it.


  • Pet peeves in the gym
  • The impact of the pandemic on gyms and life in general
  • Avoiding trenbolone anabolic and its effect
  • Constant cleaning and disinfecting in the gym
  • How to prevent contracting the virus
  • The cause and symptoms of Trevor’s sickness
  • Their thoughts on the vaccine
  • On steroids addiction
  • How the placing went on Mr. Olympia 2020
  • Their opinion on the 2020 Classic Physique Olympia
  • On 2020 212 Olympia Champion
  • Getting ready for the Pittsburgh Pro
  • Contest prep cycle used by most of the coaches
  • Their supplement recommendation


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