The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 22 | With IFBB Zach Merkel Recent Health Scare, Training, Mr. USA 2019, Diet, and Coaching

Today’s guest is Zach Merkel. In this episode, I talked to Zach about his contest history, training techniques, and how he got into bodybuilding. Zach also talked about his diet and the performance enhancements he’s taking.


  • How he got into bodybuilding
  • On his first competition
  • How he met Morgan Rice
  • On hiring a coach
  • The things he does to protect his health
  • On minimizing the risk factors in bodybuilding
  • His diet off-season and his contest preps
  • How he lifts weight
  • What prompted him to do high-intensity trainings
  • His training schedule
  • Cardio he is doing now
  • On his Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome
  • How he got arrhythmia
  • On taking performance enhancements
  • His thoughts on growth hormones
  • His advice to listeners when it comes to taking advice from people on the Internet


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