The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 12 | The Guerrilla Chemist Bryan Moskow (Chemix lifestyle line, Kanna, Health support supplements, Nootropics

In today’s episode, we have the Guerrilla Chemist himself, Brian Moskow. Brian is the brains behind the Chemix Lifestyle brand which offers science based elixirs, tonics, and enhancements.

In the show, we asked him about his thoughts on short cycle AGF, CBD, THC, marijuana, growth hormone test kits, and some supplements that are good for preventing issues for people who are using anabolics.


  • Brian’s background
  • How he was known as the Guerrilla Chemist
  • His products
  • What he thinks of Phenibut
  • His thoughts on PeakO2
  • His thoughts on Cortibloc
  • His thoughts on NAD and NADH
  • Suggestions for guys who are on replacement testosterone for health purposes
  • His take on prostate products
  • His Intra-workout and King of Pumps products
  • His upcoming products
  • The IGF1

Links: The Guerrilla Chemist’s Instagram The Chemix Lifestyle’s Website

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