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The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 25 | With Jason Arntz 2021 Npc Pittsburgh Prep Advice From Former 202 Olympia Competitor, Supplement Market Adaptations Since COVID, New Products Comings From I-Prevail and More

April 30, 2021 |

We talk about Jason’s Supplement line I-prevail supplements and the new Flavors coming soon for Rogue Pwo, DreamChaser, and Rehab.  We talk about his immunity product and why it is unique and so effective. We discuss COVID and the impact it has had on the supplement industry from raw materials to packaging materials.  We go over the Vaccine…

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The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 24 | Gym pet peeves, Virus, Olympia, Contest prep cycle

January 15, 2021 |

In this episode, Trevor and Chris talk about some pet peeves that they had in the gym and the state of gyms at the time of the Pandemic. They also talk about the Olympia placings, cookie-cutter contest prep cycles, and about a lot of coaches nowadays and what they would use differently to go into…

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The Anabolic Cartel Podcast Episode 23 | Anabolic Cartel with Chris DiDomenico

November 9, 2020 |

Our guest in today’s episode is Chris DiDomenico. Chris and I talked the competitions he joined and how he started. He also shared his struggles as a bodybuilder and how he got into training people and so on. Topics: How he got into training and what age he started Who influenced him On his first…

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