Maximizing Testosterone Replacement Minimizing Side Effects

Maximizing Testosterone Replacement Minimizing Side Effects

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Maximizing Testosterone Replacement Minimizing Side Effects –  This article is going to touch on some key points we spoke about during our TRT video.  We discussed High RBC, high hematocrit,  anti estrogens, compounds that help lower SHBG, 5a-Redcutase Inhibitors and the common application methods of testosterone for treatment.


First we will touch on the types of testosterone methods of application and the positives and negatives between each method.


  1. Injectable form- This is our most preferred form if you don’t mind doing at least 1 injection weekly. With this method you can get the most stable blood levels of testosterone which will make the potential for estrogenic side effects less likely.  This method usually yields more of the positive effects associated with Male Hormone Replacement therapy.  These benefits are muscle accumulation, increased libido, increased endurance, elevated mood, increased natural energy and increased recovery from strenuous exercise just to name a few. Typically PCP’s (Primary Care Physician)  will have you try out a transdermal cream first. This could be because they make more money on these and  because they are “easier” to use based upon application in comparison to doing an injection.
  2. Transdermal Creams or Gels- These are the most commonly used / prescribed forms of testosterone replacement, it’s easy to apply, there’s no injections, its fast acting.  These  benefits come with some downfalls though. Transdermal Creams or Gels have a lot of peaks and valleys, meaning they are not very good at developing a Stable blood level of testosterone which in turn can lead to estrogenic side effects because the levels are up and down daily. This is not good at all for testosterone replacement because consistency in our testosterone levels is the key to the health benefits. The testosterone levels never quite get to optimal levels either.  This is due to the skin being loaded with SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) which binds to the sex hormones which means testosterone can be bound more easily which renders it inactive.  This means it will never reach the androgen receptor to provide its support.
  3. Pellets- Pellets are not used too often. This is because it’s really hard for the doctor to find your “sweet spot” on the dosing because it will take months for your “dose ” to be out of your system and you will need to either up it or lower it, then it’s another few month again to see what the effects are.  It’s a lot of trial and error which takes a long time to figure out. Using this method a man may need to go for many months until he actually gets proper treatment or proper dosing because of this we think this method is not a great choice if you want to get rid of your  T symptoms as quickly as possible.   An alternative that could be effective would be if a doctor used both a transdermal testosterone and the Pellets to help maintain a more stable consistent blood level.


Anti-Estrogens- We touched upon some of the most common AI’s  (Aromatase Inhibitor) so here is a little refresher for you guys.


  1. Exemestane- AKA “Aromasin” this is our personal preferred choice when it comes to an AI. Aromasin is a suicidal aromatase inhibitor meaning there is no estrogenic rebound upon cessation.  It’s a lot more “user friendly” in that aspect.   Common dose for a TRT level of testosterone (150-200mgs/wk) would be about 12.5mg eod or even e3d.  If someone has a high aromatase or is sensitive to aromatizeable compounds 12.5mg  everyday may be needed to keep estradiol in range.  This depends on the person and the only be sure is to have blood tests done to see how it is working for you.   Another reason why we like Aromasin more is because it is easier on the lipids compared to a arimidex aka “anastrozole” plus it acts as an androgen as well giving some extra support in that dept for a nice hardening effect.
  2. Anastrozole aka  “Arimidex” This is the most commonly prescribed AI from doctors for anti estrogen support.  This is because it is more widely accepted for use in men.  The typical dosage for a trt (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) dose of testosterone would be .25-.50 mg every other day. This is not suicidal like the exemestane so there is a sharp increase in estrogen if you miss a dose or discontinue it. Suicidal inhibitors permanently bind to the aromatase enzyme rendering it inactive and this prevents the aromatization of testosterone to Estradiol to some degree in men.   With a suicidal inhibitor it takes a few days for the aromatase enzyme to get back to normal levels after use is discontinued. This prevents a quick rebound and allows the body to slowly return to normal levels.  With a non suicidal inhibitor the aromatase enzyme is just temporarily blocked which prevents aromatization while it is active in the body but as soon as it is out of the system the aromatase enzymes continue at normal levels which in many cases can cause an estrogen rebound.  An estrogen rebound is unlikely as long as you stay consistent with your dosing on the non suicidal aromatase inhibitors.  Arimidex is usually one of the most preferred also because it usually lowers estrogen by about 50% in men at the standard TRT doses.  This is something you need to stay up on and is your dosing schedule.  Having too little estrogen can be a bad thing also.  If your estrogen drops too low you could experience sexual side effects meaning a drop in libido, achy joints, depressed mood, bone pain, and a few other negative side effects if it stays low long term.  The key is to find what works for you with blood testing.  Once you find what works best stay consistent with it.


5a-Reductase Inhibitors- Finasteride is the most commonly used but not needed by many.  Only those who are dealing with DHT related side effects like thinning hair, enlarged prostate, oily skin, acne ect are the ones who need it. .25mg per day or every other day should be plenty for most.


Next we will touch on some supplements that can help with these “side effects” that come with trt.


  1. Black Lion Research Letrone- this is a great natural AI alternative. If your doc wont prescribe you  an AI or you just want a natural compound this is a solid product that can have an impact on your blood work.
  2. Black Lion Research Exotherm- Includes the same compound as letrone (at a lower dose though) with added stearoyl vanillylamide for a nice thermogenic effect. This product is a topical solution though so you have to be cautious with females and children because it may be possible to have some of the product transfer to others if you have close contact with them.
  3. Iron Legion Virtus- This is a new AI on the market.  It comes in a topical oil form.  This product seems to be the most potent over the counter aromatase inhibitor on the market right now.  It is tough to keep In stock for us because of the high demand and the fact that it is difficult the raw materials to manufacture.
  4. Black Lion Research Viron- This product is designed to maximize your free testosterone by lowering SHBG levels which binds to our testosterone before it can attach to the androgen receptor.  This product could cause your natural or exogenous testosterone to be much more effective and efficient if used properly.  I highly recommend any men looking to maximize there testosterone to give this product a try and follow it up with blood work.


Maximizing Testosterone Replacement Minimizing Side Effects

A few other things that can be a concern while on TRT are the elevation in red blood cells , hematocrit levels, and hemoglobin.   This is something we have seen more commonly than you might expect in guys that have been on TRT for longer periods of time.   I have personally had issues with this in the past.  When you take exogenous testosterone even in mild doses many times our bodies will increase our production of red blood cells.  This can be good up to a certain extent because it can increase endurance but when it gets too high it will not only crush your endurance but it can also increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.  This is a very serious side effect that you need to be aware of and know how to mitigate if it occurs.   Have these levels checked at least once every 6 months that way you know where you are at.  Some doctors will tell you that you need to come off testosterone if they get too high.  This may be true in some people but there is usually alternatives to bring them down that I would try first.  Ways to help keep RBC, Hematocrit, and Hemoglobin from getting to high would be to increase cardio, stay well hydrated with water, take a baby aspirin daily especially if you are over 40 yrs old, and donate blood occasionally. Doing these things will usually get your levels back down.  If these don’t work then I would come off of the testosterone replacement until they return to normal.   This can take up to 120 days or 4 months.   I have seen some studies that say transdermal testosterone is less likely to cause an increase in RBC, hematocrit , and hemoglobin because it is a bioidentical version of testosterone where injectable testosterone is not.   I am not sure if this is true but you should be monitoring your levels either way just to be safe.   Remember TRT is about maintaining long term health.   You must take the necessary precautions.


In closing,  these are just a few of the options we have to help maximize the benefits of either Testosterone replacement therapy or natural testosterone production all while minimizing the negative side effects that are sometimes associated with TRT.   We recommend the products listed above on a daily basis to our customers if they are trying to get the most out of their testosterone levels and prevent testosterone related side effects.  If you are interested in other supplements for Maximizing Testosterone Replacement Minimizing Side Effects  follow this link Supplements to maximize TRT  or click the link below.  As always if you guys have any questions or comments you can always get in touch with us. We will get back to you asap. You can email us at or  .  Message us on Social media or call the store at 724-550-4241.

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