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27/11/2017 10:53 pm  

This is going to be a look at Dispense Quick as a whole as I have been using their products over the past year and a half. I have used just about every product they offer outside of their SARMS selection. After a year and a half I feel I can give an effective, honest review.

Their product selection from A to Z is of top notch quality and as advertised.  Their test cyp seems properly dosed and consistent. I got very hard on their mast, mind blowing pumps and strength on their dbol, and big, dry, strong, and vascular on their tren. As far as quality and dosages go they are good to go in my opinion.

T/A. I have always received my products within 3-5 days after payment was received. I choose to use bitcoin, which usually leads to a quicker turnaround time from payment to doorstep.  With it being harder and harder to find quality, dependable, consistent domestic suppliers that are around for more than a month, DQ is definitely on top of my list for quality products and prompt service. 

Speaking of service, their customer service is top notch. Always answered emails in 24 hours, and answered any questions with sensible helpful answers. 

Top Notch, quality products, fair pricing, quick T/A...Dispense Quick is good to go!